Thank you for presenting at our Humanist Sunday Gathering. We are happy to have you! This page should hopefully help to answer any questions you might have about preparation and what to expect at our gathering. Please don’t hesitate to contact your host with any questions.

Our Location

We are located at Casa De Luz located at 1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, TX 78704.

There is free parking across the street.  When you walk in to Casa De Luz, follow the path and you should see the Austin Humanist sign.  Follow the signs.

Things to Consider Before giving a talk…

    • Please read through our guidelines and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
    • Those that attend our gatherings love live music and love to learn.  They also love to know how they can make the world a better place.
    • Any call to action that you have.  (e.g. need volunteers for something or want us to have specific key takeaways.)

At Least a Week Before…

    • Send your host the details of your talk for the event invite:
      • Topic Title – 45 characters or less.
      • Topic Description for the event invite – 2 or 3 sentences.
      • Personal Bio – Provide a 2 or 3 sentence intro of your background and personal biography (How you would like to be introduced.)
    • Invite friends that would not only come to support you, but also people you think could benefit from our community.

The Day of the Presentation…

    • We have a TV with an HDMI cable.  Please either bring a laptop if you are projecting something.  If you have no laptop, but have items to present, let your host know and we’ll make sure we have a laptop for you.
    • We do have internet access.  Ask your host for the password if you need it.
    • We usually start around 11:00.  Please show up by 10:45 to make sure you can connect to the TV and have everything you need.
    • Your talk will start around 11:40
      • 20 minutes for the talk
      • 10 minutes for Q&A
    • There is plenty of free parking across the street.

After the Presentation…

If you have additional helpful links not included in your presentation, e.g. websites, contact information, youtube videos etc. that you would like us to post under your presentation summary, please send them to your host.

Appendix:  Typical Sunday Gathering

Below is the typical schedule for a Sunday Gathering

    • 10:45 – Meet and greet
    • 11:00 – MC Greeting and announcements
    • 11:15 – Music Introduction followed by 2 songs (10 minutes)
    • 11:25 – Community Moment (10 minutes)
    • 11:40 – Speaker (20 minutes) and Q&A (10 minutes)
    • 12:10 – Last song (5 minutes)
    • 12:15 – Clean up & Head out to lunch